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best-berkey-water-filter-reviewsThere is a huge selection of different brands and types of water filtration out on the market today and it is constantly increasing. Since there are so many options, it makes the decision harder because there is so much competition. But Berkey has decided to keep their goal clear and in front of them in this ever-saturated market of water filters.

That goal is to always ensure that every single one of their customers is 100% satisfied. Impossible? Berkey doesn’t seem to think so. This goal sets them apart from the rest. What started out as a small family operated business in Colorado in the late 90’s has now grown to be a significant player in the world of water filtration. Now, let’s check out some of their products and go over some of their key features!

Berkey Water Filter Reviews

Here is a list of the best Berkey water filters that you can choose from.

Big Berkey

Best Big Berkey Water FilterContrary to the name, the Big Berkey is actually one of the smallest water filter systems that Berkey offers. Even though the Big Berkey is their smallest system, it still delivers plenty of fresh purified drinking water for families or groups of 4 -16 people and will produce up to 3.5 gallons of filtered water per hour. The Big Berkey’s container is made from high quality stainless steel and will hold 2.1 gallons of filtered water.

The Big Berkey also features an easy flow spigot for optimum water flow. This unit uses 2 of Berkey’s black purification elements and also I compatible with Berkey’s fluoride filters. This is a perfect countertop unit for you home or even in a small office setting where you don’t have much room for one of the larger units and need something more compact.

Royal Berkey

Royal Berkey Water FilterThe Royal Berkey is the next step up in size from the Big Berkey. So if you’re looking for something just a little larger, the Royal is the way to go. The Royal Berkey is equipped with a high quality stainless steel container that will hold 3 gallons of purified water. This is perfect for families or groups of up to 26 people.

The Royal Berkey uses two Black purification filters that are capable of filtering up 4 gallons of water per hour. For those of you with city water, this unit is also compatible with Berkey’s fluoride filters. Since this unit does supply a generous amount of purified water, it’s great for cooking or making coffee.

Crown Berkey

Crown Berkey Water Filtration SystemThe Crown Berkey has the largest capacity of any of the other units in the Berkey water filtration line. It features a 6 gallon a high quality stainless steel storage container and has an easy flow spigot to provide maximum water flow. The Crown purifier is capable of supplying water for up to 150 people, making it perfect for hospitals, churches, large events and tons more.

The Berkey Crown will produce up to 6.5 gallons of water per hour with two black filters and can be easily upgraded to provide a whopping 26 gallons of purified drinking water per hour through the use of eight black purification elements. This thing is powerful and is really guaranteed to supply you with the water you need even if your event is huge.

Travel Berkey

Portable Travel BerkeyThe travel Berkey is small and compact and is the lowest capacity Berkey makes. This is perfect if you need a filtering unit that is easily stored in a camper or RV or if you need to throw it in the back of your car. Don’t let the size fool you, the Travel Berkey has the same great features as all of the other models

I’ve reviewed, minus the option to add more filters for faster filtering. The Travel features a 1.5 gallon capacity that is help in a high quality stainless steel container with a high flow spigot. This unit is perfect small groups or families of up to 4 people and will filter about 2.7 gallons of drinking water per hour.

Berkey Light

Berkey Light Water PurifierThe Berkey Light is a little different than the rest and was created to be even more portable and lightweight than the Travel model. Instead of stainless steel, Berkey uses a lightweight durable BPA free poly material to cut down on overall weight. The Light still uses the same great easy flow spigot as the other models.

Performance wise, the Light features a 2.5 gallon capacity and can produce up to 3.75 gallons of water per hour supply enough purified water for up to 20 people. This model is great for sports teams or for a small get together. This unit is also upgradable and can use up to 4 filters to provide up to 7 gallons of water per hour.

Imperial Berkey

Imperial Berkey Water FilterThe Imperial Berkey is about the middle of the road as far as capacity goes. The Imperial will hold 4.5 gallons of purified water in it’s high quality stainless steel storage tank that features an easy flow spigot like the rest of the Berkey water filters. The imperial’s high output design is perfect for supplying water for up to 75 people.

This makes it ideal for churches, hospitals, offices, events or anything else that calls for generous amount of purified water. The Imperials design allows it to produce up to 5.5 gallons of purified water per hour with two black filters, but has the option to be upgraded to 6 filters to produce 16.5 gallons per hour.

Berkey KDSF Shower Filter

Best Berkey Shower Water FilterBerkey didn’t limit themselves to just manufacturing water purifiers for drinking and cooking water, they’ve also expanded their line of products were they felt the demand. That is why they created the KDSF Shower Filter. This is a great solution if you’re looking for something to get rid of chlorine odor, taste, and feeling that is prominent in city water. Once the chlorine is removed you’ll notice a substantial difference in your water quality. The KDSF filter will dramatically reduce hydrogen sulfide, iron, and bacteria as well 95% of chlorine. The KDSF filter will also reduce the amount of lime, scale, mold and fungi that build up overtime in your shower. The KDSF filters are made from a patented combination of zinc, calcium and copper.

The Berkey KDSF shower filter is very easy to install and does not require in expensive call to the plumber. Simply twist off the old unit and twist on the new unit! Berkey designed the filters to provide about 25,000 gallons of clean water or up to one-year use, whichever comes fist. If you get less than satisfactory water and are looking for a far better shower experience than I would certainly spring for this awesome unit from Berkey!

What Is a Berkey Water Filter?

Although Berkey spends lots of time developing and designing every aspect of their product, they really shine when it comes to the water filter performance. Their filters are really like no other brand out there and general outperform any other brand on the market. They call their filters the Black Berkey and they’re used in every single one of their systems. These filter will remove 99.999% of all viruses, 100% of all bacteria, parasites, E. coli, etc. It also reduces 95% of all heavy metals like lead, mercury, aluminum and copper. These filters are truly outstanding.

You’ll notice a huge difference in the quality and taste of any water source once it’s filtered through a Black Berkey water filter. These filters also have a conveniently long life span of 3,000 gallons, which means 6,000 gallons of clean purified water for any of the two filter systems. These are my only go to filters when replacing the filters in a Berkey unit!

How Does Berkey Water Filter Work?

The Berkey water filters are definitely unique as they filter out many more particles and impurities than most brands of water filters and on top of it, they also have a much longer life than your average filter. This probably leaves you asking the question “How does a Berkey Water Filter Work?”

Once you fill up your Berkey water container, the water begins to filter through the Black filters at a rapid rate. As the water filters through, it is moved into a separate tank that sits directly below the unfiltered water tank. The water pressure from the height of the tank really pushes the water through at a significant rate, supplying you with quick results. This is all due to their advance media design.

Their filters are composed of six different types of media that are formed into a very specific shape that contains millions of microscopic pores. These pores are so small that things like bacteria, cysts, parasites and sediment cannot pass through. Their filter also uses adsorption and absorption to create an ionic barrier that allows the filter to black contaminants that are even smaller than the pores themselves, which filters out pesky submicron viruses. Other brands of filter are forced to use chemicals to accomplish this. The Berkey Filter then uses a process known as ion exchange to remove heavy metals by electrically bonding them to the media. The results of this process leaves your water remarkable pure and very tasty.

What Are the Advantages of Berkey Water Filters?

  • Water Quality is nearly unbeatable
  • Easy to clean
  • Dependable
  • Simple to operate
  • Several different uses

Where to Buy Berkey Water Filter?

There are many different places to purchase a Berkey product, so deciding where to buy one can definitely be a whole process in itself. To make thinks easier for you, we have provided you a link to the best possible prices that we can find on the web, in addition provides you with hassle free delivery right to your home!

Our Recommendation – Here’s What We Think

Now that we’ve gone over their huge selection of products and discovered why they work so well, it’s time to make a decision!  You’ll be plenty happy with any of the above products, as they’re all high quality reliable units that truly deliver that absolute best quality results.