Best PUR Faucet Filter Review | Top 2019 Guide

best-pur-water-filtersPUR faucet filters are some of the best on the market. They clean your water and make it fresh without performing a complicated installation. PUR has developed a several models to fit your budget and situation.

All of these PUR units have a handy built in switch to allow you to switch from filtered water to unfiltered tap water so you don’t waste filter life when washing your hands or dishes. All of these PUR units are compatible with standard faucets with removable aerator. These are not compatible with pull out or hand held faucets. So now, lets take a look at four of the most popular faucet mount systems from PUR.

PUR Faucet Filter Reviews

Here is a list of the best PUR faucet water filters available today.

PUR Advanced FM-3500B

PUR Advanced FM-3500BThe PUR Advanced FM-3500B is capable of filtering 100 gallons of water and remove 61 contaminants! To read my full review of the PUR Advanced FM-3500B, head on over to my page “Best faucet water filter reviews”

PUR Advanced FM-3700B

PUR FM 3700B FilterThe PUR Advanced FM-3700B is the same great faucet mount filtering system as the FM-3500B with the exception of its shiny chrome finish. In my opinion, the chrome color will help blend in this unit with your chrome faucet making it much less noticeable.

PUR FM-9400B

PUR FM 9400B Faucet FilterThe FM-9400B is a step up from the 3000 series in which I had reviewed above. The FM-9400B utilizes a 3-stage filtering process that is highly effective in removing several contaminants and impurities found in your tap water. The first stage of the filtering process blocks dirt, rust, sand, as well turbidity. The second stage is an activated carbon filter that removes lead, cysts, chlorine smell and taste, heavy metals, asbestos, benzene, and several harmful contaminants. The third stage of the filtration process allows for the water to be passed through natural miners to enhance the flavor of your water.

The PUR FM-9400’s filters will provide you with up to 100 gallons of filtered water, which will generally last a normal user between 2 and 3 months. Since it’s tough to actually gauge how many gallons of water you’re actually using PUR has decided to incorporate a built-in electronic filter life indicator that will let you know when it is time to change out the filter in your unit. These units are designed horizontal instead of vertical to save you space. As with all PUR faucet mount models, the installation is a simple 1-click installation, taking only minutes to install. This is a great choice if you’re looking for one of the best faucet mount system from PUR.

PUR FM-9000B

PUR FM 9000B Filtration FaucetThe PUR FM-9000B is the same great faucet mount water filtration unit as the FM-9400B with the exception of a high quality stainless steel finish.

Our Recommendation – Here’s What We Think

Now that we’ve taken a look at some faucet mount water filters from PUR, it’s time to make the decision on which model best fits you! Since the price of the PUR faucet mount filters are so reasonable, I would suggest going for the FM-9400B or the FM-9000B as they have the best filtration power and take up the least amount of space!