Best Magnetic Water Conditioners

best-magnetic-water-conditionerUsing a magnetic water conditioner is a healthy, more eco-friendly alternative to chemical based water conditioners.

Instead of using chemicals and salts, they implement the use of extremely strong magnets to stop the harmful effects of minerals in your hard water.

These magnets are generally Neodymium magnets, which are 4-5 times stronger than any ferrite magnet material.

What is a Magnetic Water Conditioner?

Instead of pulling out the minerals and replacing them with sodium or other chemicals, the magnets simply defuse the minerals. This means, the minerals stay in the water. Since the minerals are defused they no longer carry any harmful effects. When installed correctly, it has been shown that they provide powerful lime scale control as well as effective hardness control.

Do Magnet Water Conditioners Work?

Best Magnetic Water Softener Reviews in 2015Magnetic Water conditioners are completely stand-alone and require no power to run and little to no maintenance unlike most whole-house water conditioners.
A great key feature of the magnetic water conditioner is that since there are no chemicals or filters involved, you save big on money. Not to mention the time and hassle of going to the store to pick up a 40lb bag of salt.

The magnetic water conditioner seems to be a hot topic of debate right now and very controversial in the water softener world. There are several cases against it saying that it does not actually work a