Best Potassium Chloride Water Softener

best-potassium-chloride-water-softenerFinding the best potassium chloride water softener is easy.

Using Potassium chloride in your water softener is one of the most popular alternatives to sodium chloride.  There are several reason I find it to be so popular, one of them being its compatibility. Nearly every water softener on the market today allows for the use of potassium chloride. In fact, some whole-house digital softeners even have a potassium chloride setting! That makes the switch practically effortless and headache free. You water softener will simply remove the harmful minerals that make your water hard and replace them potassium chloride.

Potassium Chloride is also a great choice for those of you that are more health conscious. It plays a pivotal role on the way your organs, nerves and muscles function. Also for those of you who are on low sodium diets or are just generally concerned about your overall salt intake. Potassium Chloride is a great choice for the environmental conscious consumer as it plays a vital part in plant growth and soil stability.

You’ll notice a price difference between potassium chloride and sodium chloride when comparing the two. Potassium chloride is much more expensive to mine than sodium chloride so you’ll have to fork a few extra bucks if you do want to make the switch.

Best Potassium Chloride Water Softener Reviews

Here is a list of the best potassium chloride water softeners that you can use to treat your water.

Diamond Crystal Potassium Chloride

Diamond Crystal Potassium Chloride Water SoftenerDiamond Crystal is far from novice when it comes to the salt business. In fact, Diamond has been in the salt business since 1886 and is now the largest salt marketer in the US. Lower quality potassium chloride contains high insoluble content, which can cause your softener to operate below par. But that is definitely something that you really won’t have to worry about when going with this trusted brand. Since Diamonds Potassium Chloride is made with up to 99.1% pure potassium chloride, it is sure to keep you water softener running smooth.

Diamond Crystal potassium Chloride is one of the many great choices if you’re looking for a sodium free alternative for you water softener. For those of you who need to cut back on sodium for health reason or are just simply looking to reduce their daily sodium intake, a great place to start is at your water source. In addition to providing a great product, Diamond Crystal decided not to skip out on details like packaging. They included their patented top and bottom handle that proves to be extremely durable even when lifting and carrying a heavy 40lb. bags from your vehicle to the house. To often have I lifted a bag like this and had the hand completely rip through. Looks like those days are over when choosing to go Diamond Crystal in your water softeners.

Cargill Salt Potassium Chloride Pellets 7376

Cargill Salt Potassium Chloride Water SoftenerCargill-Diamond Crystal Potassium Chloride Pellets have truly stood out in the market as leading competitor for top quality potassium chloride. Just like its new and improved packaged version that I described above, it is made with up to 99.1% pure potassium chloride will keep your water softener running optimally. The Diamond Crystal Potassium Chloride I described above is the newer version of this product and has identical content just with newer updated packaging features and graphics.

Morton Potassium Chloride Pellets

Morton's Salt Potassium Chloride Water SoftenerIf you haven’t heard of Morton Salt you had to have been living under a rock. Morton Salts have been around for more than 160 years and remains one of the leaders in salt production in the US. Odds are, the salt that sets on your kitchen table or in the grinder in your spice cabinet was produced by Morton Salts. But their products span much farther than just your cooking needs. Morton also produces some of the hottest selling water softener salt and potassium chloride available.

Morton’s Potassium Chloride Pellets 99% sodium free formula dramatically reduces the sodium level in you water softener. Since the formula is nearly sodium free, it has tremendous health benefits that are a must have for anyone that is on a low sodium diet. Morton’s formula also contains extremely low insoluble content, which saves you from the headache of having to clean the dirty residue build up in your softener when using off brand, lower quality products.