Best On the Go Water Softener Review | Top 2019 Buyer’s Guide

best-on-the-go-water-softenersThere are a few different brands of portable water softeners out there, but On The Go is one of the most popular widely known portable brands out there. I believe is because of their great customer satisfaction rate and the easy of use.

So in this next few paragraphs I’m going to give you the low down on what they’re about and what kind of products they make. I think you’ll be surprised on what a difference they can make when putting one of their units in line with your water supply. Let’s dig in!

Top On The Go Water Softener Reviews

Here is a list of the best on-the-go water softeners on the market today!

On the Go the Company

On the Go Portable Water SoftenerOn The Go Portable Water Softener was started in 2004 by Bruce Everson, who had been in the water softening business for 15 years prior.

He had seen the demand for a reliable, easy to use portable water softener and decided to take it matters into his own hands and start On The Go.

Today, the On The Go portable water softener is one of the most popular portable softening systems on the market. On The Go currently resides in Fort Wayne, IN.

RV Water Softeners

Portable RV Water SoftenerThe On The Go softening unit is a must have for any RV owner. Most campgrounds and RV park water supplies are generally subpar and contain high amounts of iron and minerals causing the water to be extremely damaging to your RV’s appliances and fixtures.

This is especially true in southern states that are considered to be in the “Sun Belt”. This hard water will cause irreversible damage to your water heater, washer dishwasher, ice- makers, faucets, sinks, tubs, etc. Pricing out a new appliance for your RV is much more costly than an On The Go water softener.

On The Go has designed a product that is lightweight, small and compact, requires no electricity, no moving parts, easy setup, and low maintenance. Let’s be honest, who wants to be thinking about a water softener while they are camping? Not me, and neither did On The Go.

Car Water Softeners

Portable Car Water SoftenerThe On The Go softener is designed to give you an exceptional spot-free rinse for your vehicle. Whether you are a car enthusiast or just take pride in washing your car yourself, you will never experience a better result once an On The Go softener is put in line with your hose.

Hard water contains hard minerals that cause micro abrasions on your vehicles surface, eventually causing your car to loose that new factory shine. You’ll also notice a huge difference in your soaps lathering abilities as it will greatly increase the effectiveness of your soap allowing you to use less than before.

Once you’re done with the final rinse you’ll notice that the car is free of water spots and the glass is crystal clear! No drying necessary.

Boat Water Softeners

Owning a boat is expensive and why add to it by having to replace faucets, appliances and water heaters just because of hard water.

On The Go has developed an amazing unit that you can place right on the dock next to your boat completely out of the way or right on board delivering clean, softened water to your boats water supply. Since the unit can sit neatly situated on your dock, it makes it perfect for a spot free rinse on you boats exterior.

Why do you need a portable water softener?


Top Portable On-the-Go Water SoftenersOn The Go designed their products to be extremely simple and easy to use, which is one of its greatest features. No one wants to spend the time to figure out how to setup a complicated unit and then program it, especially when they are on vacation and trying to get the maximum relaxation out of their leisure time.

The On The Go system features and quick and easy manual regeneration process that only takes around 15 minutes depending on the model. They also use an extremely high-grade premium capacity resin to save to get the max softening capabilities and time before then next regeneration process is needed.


The On The Go units are built to perfect specs for portability and performance. The On The Go unit comes in three different sizes to work perfectly for your specific application.

The smallest unit is an 8,000 grain softener that weighs in at about 18lbs and just under 2ft tall and ½’ wide making it very portable and easy to handle. This unit will supply you with soft water for up to 20 days until it needs to regenerate and about 320-800 gallons of water depending on water quality. The mid size unit is double the capacity at 16,000 grains, weighs about 32lbs and is just a tad wider than the smaller unit at 22” x  9.5”.

This mid sized unit will deliver 640-1600 gallons of softened water and should last around 40 days before regeneration is needed. The largest unit is 32,000 grains and weighs in at just 50lb and is 48” x 7.5”. This unit has the largest capacity and delivers between 1280 and 3200 gallons of softened water. Each of these units comes with a 5-year tank warranty and a 1-year head warranty. As you can see, On The Go makes sure they make their units portable but also provide plenty of softening power.

Installation is Easy

On The Go has specifically designed their softeners to be the simplest products to operate and install. After all, no one wants their leisure time taken up by stumbling through complicated instructions and finding out which part goes where.

On The Go’s portable design was created so that anyone can install and un-install and is also made to be extremely compatible with any RV. Simply connect a hose from the water supply to the inlet of your new On The Go Softener. Then connect a hose from the outlet of the unit to the water inlet of the RV. Simple and Easy!

Our Recommendation – Here’s What We Think

There are so many great applications for the On The Go Softening unit and can save so much time and money by putting one of these inline with your water source! If you own an RV, boat or love giving your car a spotless wash I would highly recommend you purchasing one of these units if you don’t already have one. You will not find a more reliable, easy to use portable water softener.