Best GE Water Softener Reviews | Top 5 Filter Guide for 2019

best-ge-water-softenersWhen a company has been around for since 1876, it makes it very difficult to find a “bad” product. Over these 100 and some years GE has worked to perfect and innovate a huge span of appliances, which transforms the question from best water softeners made by GE to the GE water softener that best fits my needs.

So let’s take a good look at GE’s water softener line and make the best possible decision for you home. We’ll be reviewing the GE GXSH40V and the GE GXSF30V to really get down to the key features and benefits so your decision is much easier to make and won’t leave guessing on which GE softener to purchase!


Best GE Water Softener – Top Model Reviews

Here is a list of the best GE water softener models available today!

GE GXSH45V Water Softener

Top GE watersoftener reviewsThe GXSH45V water softener is the larger of the two units and has a large 45,100 grain capacity. If you’re even somewhat curious if this unit can handle your large household with several bathrooms, think again. The GE GXSH45V is built and designed to deliver enough softened water for families of 4 or more, a huge house and several bathrooms. The GXSH45V has a generous 160 grain per gallon hardness removal capacity in addition it will remove up to 12ppm of iron.  With those specs, you will sure to be happy once you get this installed. 

GE has designed several innovative features that make life much more easy and convenient when dealing with appliances, and thankfully, they have decided to include some of these awesome features right into the GXSH45V. One of those features is the SmartSoft water usage monitor. This feature will monitor your water usage and create a specifically tailored regeneration schedule that will not interfere with your daily water usage and never leave you without softened water. The GXSH45V is fully programmable and includes an alarm to let you know when it needs a salt refill. With a 230lb salt capacity, this thing is surely to deliver softened water when you need it. This is the perfect choice if you’re looking for a water softener for a large family.

GE GXSF30V Water Softener

Best General Electric Water Filtration systemThis is the smaller of the 2 choices but that definitely does not mean it is not powerful. The GE GXSF30V is 30,400 grain water softener that is perfect for an average sized household and is smaller in size as well. This make it perfect for anyone looking to save some room or someone dealing with limited space.  Performance wise, the GXSF30V has a 95 grains per gallon harness-removal capacity as well as a 7ppm iron removal rate. If you’re looking for an easy compact way to save your plumbing, appliances, and have a better showering experience, this should be your go to.

One of the best features of the GXSF30V is the fully programmable Smart Soft technology from GE. This technology learns your water usage patterns and creates a regeneration schedule that will always leave you with softened water. The last thing you want to do is jump in the shower and realize your water softener is regenerating! The GXSF30V also includes GE’s exclusive “days to empty” feature that will not leave you guessing when it’s to refill your water softener with salt. The salt capacity is a little smaller than its big bother, the GXSH45V but still comes in at generous 200lbs. I would suggest the GXSF30V if you have an average sized household and are looking for an incredibly reliable water softener that is packed full of features.

Pros and Cons of GE Water Softeners

GE softener pros and cons

  • Pros
    • Easy to use
    • Fully Programmable
    • Smart Soft Technology
    • Two sizes to choose from
  • Cons
    • Poor warranty
    • Installation may require a plumber.

Where to Buy a GE Water Softener?

There are several different places to pick up a GE water softener, which certainly can be confusing and headache worthy. We’ve provided you a link to the best possible prices that we can find on the web, in addition provides you with hassle free delivery right to your door!

Our Recommendation – Here’s What We Think

Both the GXSH45V and the GXSF30V are quality water softeners that are made from one of the most popular brands of appliances in the world. Because of their quality, features, and design, they receive a remarkable 96% customer satisfaction rate across the board. 

If you have a large family and a large household with plenty of bathrooms, I would certainly suggest stepping up to the GXSH45V. This unity will surely provide you with plenty of softened water so that you’re never left with hard water again. If you’re looking save a little space and have an averaged sized household, I would recommend going with the GXSF30V. This unit should deliver plenty of softening power and will be a little easier on the wallet as well.